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We rethink the everyday with products that simplify. We aim to inspire an inviting and thoughtful way of life. 

Light Valet

Gazel Clothes Hanger

The Gazel clothes hanger is a stylish reinvention of a household staple.

It glides in and out of buttoned shirts, dresses, tops and everything else.

World Environment Day

Happy World Environment Day!

June 05, 2014

  At Gazel, we make useful, beautiful objects that you will treasure - and keep for life. And we hope you will pass them on to the next generation to treasure too! However, we know that sometimes even treasured objects get lost, misplaced or thrown out. So if a Gazel product sadly gets disposed of, you should know... Our Gazel Clothes Hanger is made from only one material, which means it requires no separation or breaking down to recycle. That material is ABS plastic, which is 100% recyclable, and a valuable and sought-after material in plastics recycling. Conventional cheap plastic and wire hangers are difficult to recycle because they are made from multiple materials - invariably they end up crushed... Continue Reading →